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Fælles teknologi til servicerobot
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Fælles teknologi til servicerobot

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The International Robot Federation (IFR) gives a preliminary definition of the service robot: a serving robot is a half-owner or full self-employed robot, which can accomplish the service of mankind, but does not include production equipment. So, do you understand the common technologies of the service robot?

Here is the content list:

  • Mobile platform technology

  • Mechanical mechanism and drive

  • Intelligent perception technology

  • Human-machine interaction technology

  • Indoor positioning and navigation technology

Mobile platform technology

A large number of service robots achieved motion in the indoor environment by autonomous mobile institutions, although there is a need to configure different auxiliary institutions on mobile platforms due to their service functions, autonomous mobile robots can usually be used as a basic platform for considerable home service robots. There are some common problems on such platforms, such as standardization problems of controllers, drivers, and sensors, real-time problems of robot operating systems, robot internal communication bus, robotic integration, and development environmental issues. Based on integrating the above key technical issues, if you study open and standardized mobile robots hardware and software platforms, you can provide direct and effective moving parts for service robots, adapt to flexible demand for different service robots.

Mechanical mechanism and drive

Household service robots work in different job environments and require different types of mobile institutions and work organizations. The robot's actuator and drive mechanism will develop in the direction of miniaturization and integration. Developing robots with real operating capabilities must resolve the adaptability of the service robot's mobile institutions and work agencies on the home environment and different job tasks. For example, the academic circles have been passionate about the development of inquiry robots, the human opera arms, and the smart hand.

Intelligent perception technology

The sensor is a key component of the service robot, which is accurate and timely information on the environment. Aiming at the needs of the home service robot to get the surrounding perceived information, developing is a necessary condition for the use of the human body's safety) sensor module in the home environment (including the human body safety) sensor module, which is the necessary conditions for the service robot to enter the ordinary people's homes. In-home robots, various new visual systems, and sensing devices are developed as needed, and the processing and fusion of multiple sensor information are developed, which is the key to home robots to achieve more accurate, complete environmental information, and improve system intelligence decision-making levels. Improve the real-time performance of existing sensing information and robustness to environmental changes is also a challenging topic. In addition to traditional ultrasound, infrared, visual sensors, new haptic sensors, the development of intelligent sensors such as tactile sensors and the sensor of these sensor modules will also be the development direction of the future technology future of the home service robot.

Human-machine interaction technology

Household robots are both service-oriented, people naturally need to have a more, more convenient, more natural way to interact with robots, including high-level voice, emotional interaction, and low-level strength and tactile interaction, not the way to manipulate the keyboard and buttons.

Indoor positioning and navigation technology

The application environment of the home robot is usually a semi-structured environment, and its task is diversely complex. Therefore, for various practical household robots, how to improve their adaptability to change the environment and multiple tasks, improve autonomous service capabilities, is a platform-based key technique. The goal of autonomous technology is to give robots to think, including task planning, environmental creation, and self-positioning, path planning, real-time navigation, target identification, etc.

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