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Fangesporingsrelateret information
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Fangesporingsrelateret information

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The prisoner tracker is a personal remote positioning device composed of GPS and GSM/GPRS modules and a mobile phone card. Prisoner tracker is mainly a positioning device based on GPS, GIS, and GPRS technology. The prisoner tracker can use GPS and GPRS positioning technology to obtain accurate results in a short time. So what is the relevant information of the prisoner tracker? Let's take a look together below.

The following is a list of contents:

  • Market conditions

  • System composition

  • Advantages

Market conditions

According to the survey, as of 2013, the number of vehicles in the national market was as high as 400 million to 600 million. At the same time, thousands of private cars are stolen every day. In response to the shortcomings of current car anti-theft products, the car has developed a prisoner tracker to prevent prisoners from installing prisoners. The prisoner tracker is highly secure and can be placed in any hidden position in the carriage. The prisoner tracker mainly includes three parts: a vehicle-mounted GPS monitoring terminal, a communication network, and a dispatch monitoring center.

In addition to GPS positioning, the prisoner tracker can also use mobile phone positioning technology to dispatch vehicles. Its accuracy is slightly lower than GPS positioning, but it is sufficient for use in the field of logistics and distribution. This technology does not require other equipment to be installed in cars and mobile phones are low in cost and are very popular in the logistics industry.

System composition

The entire prisoner tracking system is mainly composed of a vehicle-mounted terminal, server software, and client software. The vehicle-mounted terminal is composed of a host module, an antenna, and optional accessories. The prisoner tracker host module and antenna constitute the basic part of the vehicle terminal, which can realize real-time positioning and detect basic functions such as latitude and longitude, time, driving direction, and speed. The prisoner tracking host has a data interface, which can realize the functional requirements of accessories according to the needs of external devices and sensors.


Convenient and easy to use: The prisoner tracker does not need to be cut or installed, it is ready to use, and the sensor key realizes automatic defense/disarming.

High security: The prisoner tracker can be placed in any hidden position in the carriage and is not easy to be found.

Very low power consumption: It can work for 3 months on a single charge.

Accurate alarm: Prisoner tracker has high alarm sensitivity to avoid false alarms and omissions

Real-time location tracking: Prisoner tracker improves vehicle safety factor.

Megastek Technologies Ltd was established in 2002. The company has been committed to the application of GPS positioning systems in the personal and automotive fields to provide customers with positioning solutions. Among them, the company has more than 20 different product projects covering personal trackers, vehicle trackers, pet trackers, parole trackers, and remote medical health monitoring, and has accumulated 18 years of experience in positioning and project implementation. Our service system runs through the entire production process. If you are interested in the prisoner tracker, please contact us, our website is https://www.megastek.com/.

Med mange års dybdegående R&D-arbejde og projektimplementering er vi i det førende niveau inden for GPS, mobil telekommunikation, GIS og netværksteknologier.



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