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Placering af fangesporingsbasestation
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Placering af fangesporingsbasestation

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The prisoner tracker uses the cellular technology of the GSM mobile communication network to query location information. The GSM wireless communication network is constructed from many cells like honeybee cells. Each cell has its number. The identification number can know the area where the phone is located. The current prisoner tracker positioning technology is still being improved. The accuracy range of the urban area is about 10 meters, and the accuracy range of the suburbs is about 10 meters to 5 meters. With the continuous development of mobile company technology, I believe the accuracy will be further improved to 10 meters. Within range. So what is the positioning of the prisoner tracker base station? Let's take a look together next.

The following is a list of contents:

  • Prisoner tracker base station positioning is continuously optimized

  • The prisoner tracker has a wide range of positioning

Prisoner tracker base station positioning is continuously optimized

At the same time, the currently displayed landmark names are still being optimized. With further optimization, prisoner tracker landmarks will be more accurate. There are currently two ways to locate the prisoner tracker, one is the WAP version, and the other is the SMS version. The SMS version of mobile phone positioning is relatively simple to use, and the WAP version of the mobile phone can display your specific location through the prisoner trackermap. As long as there is a corresponding receiving device, you can receive any call information, the communication process of the mobile phone, which is to use the mobile phone to transmit the speech signal to the mobile communication network, and then the mobile communication network converts the speech signal into the electromagnetic spectrum, and the prisoner tracker uses the communication satellite The radiation is transmitted to the callee's telecommunication network, and the callee's communication equipment receives wireless electromagnetic waves and then converts them into speech signals to connect to the communication network.

The locator has a wide range of positioning

Therefore, mobile phone communication is an open electronic communication system. As long as there is a corresponding receiving device, the prisoner tracker can receive call information at any time, any place, and anyone. There are many examples of leaks due to mobile phone communication, such as Bin Laden's right-hand man and Al-Qaeda's No. 2 figure Abu. Zubaydah was arrested for using his mobile phone to expose his hiding place; in April 1996, Dudayev, the leader of Russian Chechen insurgents, was killed by a missile fired by the Russian army because his mobile phone leaked secrets. With the development of prisoner tracker communication technology, mobile phones already have the function of "self-reporting their home"-if some mobile phones have a location service function, others can track your location at any time through this service; in Taiwan, there is now Spy phones sell well, and they are a kind of cell phone locator.

Professional prisoner tracker, generally produced in the United States. The principle is completely different from other types of mobile phone positioning. It intercepts mobile phone signals directly from the air and implements two lines to determine one point through decoding. The most terrifying thing is that the prisoner tracker not only makes the monitored person unaware but also hardware support in addition to software support, which is banned in China.

Megastek Technologies Ltd was established in 2002. The company has been committed to the application of GPS positioning systems in the personal and automotive fields to provide customers with positioning solutions. Among them, we have accumulated 18 years of experience in positioning and project implementation. Megastek products have several appearance and utility patents. Our products comply with CE, FCC, RoHS, UL technical standards, and have obtained several related certifications. The above is about the positioning of the prisoner tracker base station. If you are interested in the prisoner tracker, please contact us and we will provide you with relevant equipment. Our website is https://www.megastek.com/. You are very welcome and look forward to working with you.

Med mange års dybdegående R&D-arbejde og projektimplementering er vi i det førende niveau inden for GPS, mobil telekommunikation, GIS og netværksteknologier.



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